Friday, 3 October 2008

I've lost ....... mojo :0(, don't know where it has gone, will give reward if anyone can find it for me. Think I may have tidied it away when I was tidying up my craft area over the past couple of days lol. I wouldn't mind but I have 5 cards that I desparately need to make this weekend and there is no way I would be able to get away with buying shop ones. 1 is for my hubby for our 1st Wedding anniversary, 1 is for Sean (my youngest son) his birthday is on the 16th and he will be 11 another is for Jamie ( my oldest son) who will be 16 on the 23rd and 2 are for friends who would never forgive me if they didn't get a hand made card.

I have sat all afternoon looking through other bloggers sites and galleries also scanning the Docrafts gallery all for inspiration and guess what...... I am more confused than ever lol. Maybe if I stop fretting it will come back?

Anyway, off for another trail about, please let me know if you find it lurking about anywhere.


gina said...

Awwww Babz, I hope you find it soon, but I will keep an eye out for it for you :) the best thing to do is try to forget then it will soon come back :)
Gina xxx

Donalda's Blog said...

Congrats on your anniversary dear!!!!! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments you are so kind and I love checking out your blog dear. Gorgeous work. Also you can find the pattern to the crochet flowers I made Here

Steph said...

Best thing is to not think about it and it'll return! Thanx for dropping by my blog. I'm loving the cards on your blog and will drop by soon to see when your mojo returns! :0)

Michele said...

Hi Babz, thanks for visiting my blog and you are my first follower too!
I'm sure your mojo will turn up sooner or later - when I lose mine I often go to the challenge blogs and look at some sketches to give me some new layout ideas. It usually works for me.
Take care, I'll be back often to see if you have found your mojo!
Michele x

Jeanette said...

Hey Babz...I'm sure it will come back to you! Best way to find things sometimes is to stop looking! Hugs Jeanette