Saturday, 1 November 2008

No cards from me again

Well there are no cards from me this week again :0( I have been busy making my christmas presents for this year. I have decided after recently learning to knit that all the females gifts this year are going to include a scarf hand knitted by me. So I have been ultra busy on a night sitting with the television on in the background and knitting away to my hearts content. I have managed to make 3 so far and have another on the go at the moment.

Unfortunately I don't think that there will be many cards from me from now till the new year. As some of you may already know my husband was told that he is being made redundant at the beginning of next year. Whilst we were on holiday a couple of weeks ago he attended a couple of interviews and we are happy to announce that he has been succesful in one of those jobs. Therefore we are going to be moving. This is going to be big move for a number of reasons, we are not just moving a couple of miles down the road we are moving a couple of hundred miles down the road lol. I currently live below Scotlands highest mountain(Ben Nevis) in Fort William and we are going to be moving to North Yorkshire to a small town called Ripon. This is my husbands home town and he still has friends and family living there so at least will not be all alone.

The kids are bit excited and scared at the same time as am I as it is a really big change for us all. I will keep in touch as much as I can over the coming months, however if I disappear for a long time then at least you all know why. We reckon that we will be moving around the 13th or 14th December (just before Christmas groan) so it will be a fairly quiet one for us.

I will keep in touch as much as I can but for now I am off to get ready for my MRI scan at Inverness Hospital and then home to start packing.

Speak soon


Vee said...

Congratulations Babz! I'm sure you will all love it and settle down very quickly. The fact that you have family there will ease the move and help the kids too.We moved her the week before Christmas too,but we still had a great time even though we were still living out of
Good luck with everything xx Vee

carol said...

hope everything went ok at hospital today,
you have a busy time ahead with your move especially just before xmas, you will get sorted in the end..maybe xmas eve. lol.
carol :)

Kath said...

thanks for the tips for getting my mojo back working and good luck with the move...sorry you are leaving beautiful Scotland and wish your hubby good luck with the new job....happy knitting

Lesley said...

hi huni congrats on hubbies new job...I hope that the move goes nice and smooth 4 n hugs Lesley xxxx

Mel said...

Good luck for your move. I look forward to popping back later to see how you have settled in ~ Mel

Clare said...

Hi Babz, there's an award on my blog waiting for you. Enjoy. Clare x

carlzcardz said...

lovely hun glad your ok, you'vebeen tagged on my blog xx

Erin said...

Hi Babz, there is a little something on my blog for you.
Erin x

carol said...

hello again i have left you a little gift on my blog, hope you have time to pop by, carol x

angel4031 said...

Good Luck for your move - I've tagged you on my blog! :D

Hunnybunnycards said...

Hi Babz, sorry only just read your really exciting news and I hope your move and hubbies job and everything goes well.

Barbara xx

sara said...

hi just a quick note to say i have tagged you over on my blog hope your ok take care from SAra and talk soon x

karen said...

Hiya hunni
Just popped over to say thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog.
Look's like it's busy busy busy for you then. Last time we moved river was only a couple of week's old and it was a bit of a nightmare. Hope it all goe's smoothly for you.
Oh and congrats to your hubby on the new job.

Vee said...

Hi Babz hope everything is going okay. Just thought I'd pop in ...xVee