Sunday, 16 November 2008

How Long?

has it been since I last posted, I am thoroughly disgusted with myself!!! Although I have not been exactly lazy though, as I sit here typing this I am surrounded by boxes, boxes and more boxes. This moving house business is a nightmare I'll tell you! All my crafty things have had to be packed away (boo hoo) haven't managed to finish my christmas cards and no I will not be buying any either. It totally goes against my craft religion to even think of buying cards lol.

On a brighter note I must apologise to the following people

Clare -

Erin -

Carol -

Who all gave me this award earlier on this month. Thank you very much girlies for thinking of me and I am very very sorry to leave it so late to post this, I have thoroughly chastised myself for this lol. I now need to pass this on to another 7 blogs,




I more than sure I will be able to mention another 4 blogs to give this too but I jsut cannot decide which of the many fabulous blogs out there to award it to. So if you are reading this post and have not ever been given this award let me know.

Also to

who all tagged me earlier this month. I have to give 5 answers to the following, so here goes

Things I love

  1. My kids

  2. my husband

  3. winnie the pooh

  4. crafting of course

  5. chocolate

Things I don't love

  1. Driving in the snow

  2. litter bugs

  3. shouting

  4. loosing my internet connection, it's worse than cutting off my right hand

  5. packing

Music on my Ipod

  1. David Gray

  2. Boyzone

  3. Westlife

  4. Runrig

  5. Wolfstone

Food & Drink Favourites

  1. Chocolate

  2. Vodka

  3. Diet Cola

  4. Coffee

  5. and more chocolate

I think thats all that it needing done here for the tagging. I am supposed to tag more people but most of the people I would tag have already been tagged, so if you wish to be tagged give me a shout and I'll will tag you.

Anyway, I think I have waffled enough for now, don't know when I'll next get sround to posting but hopefully it will be before I move. We now have the moving date, 19th December! so I will be offline over the festive period probably. Make sure you all have a great time and I hope you get many many crafty prezzies.



Vee said...

Hi Babz so nice to have you back again and thanks for the award you've made my day. Been feeling a bit sorry for myself this weekend 'cause I've got the dreaded flu bug...ugh so you really cheered me up. Glad the move is going well good luck with it all you must be exhausted already... xx Vee

jackie said...

Hiya Babz, just wanted to say hiyaaa and thanks for following my blog, even though I havent done very much on it of late going to give myself huge kick up the butt and get going with it....Glad preparations for your move are well underway and the big countdown is upon you. I dont envy you at all. I remember moving late november one year and was still unpacking on chritmas luck with everything.hugs.....
Jackie xx

Clare said...

Glad you like the blog award. Don't worry about not saying anything before now, not surprised if you're moving. Talk about stressful, lol! And not being able to craft close to Christmas is awful. I can't either at the moment as I'm so busy with my dragon orders. Never mind. Love the tag questions, you can tag me if you like... Good luck with the move, hugs Clare x

jackie said...

Hiya Babz, Because you were the 1st person to follow my blog I wanted you to have a little something, hope it brightens up your day :-)
Jackie xx

Clare said...

Hi Babz, have left something on my blog for you... hugs Clare x

karen said...

Ahhh a Runrig fan I've got em on My Ipod too aint they just the best.
Were heading up to your end of the country tomorrow what's the weather like?
I really don't envy you moving at this time of year.
Good luck with it all hunni

denise said...

Hi Babz,just wanted to say hiya & that there is something on my blog for you.Denise x

Erin said...

Hi Babz, there is a little something on my blog for you. You've been tagged.
Erin x

Michele said...

Hi Babz, I have tagged you, details on my blog.
Michele x

Sharon said...

Hi Babz, I hope everything is okay with you - you've not been around for a while. Here's wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.